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3 Best Traits to Look for in Your Small Business Hires

Hiring the right people for your business matters. It's even more important when you're still small and trying to grow. With the vast array of people seeking work, it can be difficult to decide who should be passed over and who is worth keeping. Do you hire someone simply because they've accumulated 10 years of sales experience? Should you select an intern on the basis of a winning personality?

Without a conscious game plan, a list of the essential qualities you require and a firm notion of what you consider non-negotiable, you'll essentially be guessing. You might also risk overlooking truly valuable talent. When you're ready to employ more people for your organization, make sure you keep certain key traits in mind.


While you're still on your way to scaling up your business, look for people who are willing and able to do the work of two or three. Hiring someone who is not only experienced in customer service but also knowledgeable in office operations will save you from having to expand the payroll.

Flexibility isn't just the ability to wear many hats. It also means a willingness to adapt to changes and openness to learning new skills. Look for candidates who have no qualms about adjusting to a new environment or tackling unfamiliar roles.

Attention to Detail

"Attention to detail" has become a standard phrase every applicant likes to include in their inventory of personal competencies. However, it's worth pointing out that attention to detail is a different skill from the ability to do detail work correctly, or even catch mistakes.

That said, look for someone who can take instruction to the letter and execute a task precisely and accurately. Ask for instances when they were trusted with a project that required the ability to closely focus on the work at hand. Some mistakes inevitably occur, but they're costly, and too many of them can easily set a company back.


In a small organization, lack of motivation and enthusiasm can be infectious. Even a single bad employee can begin to breed a toxic work environment. It's vital to seek people who will foster team spirit rather than hinder it. You're looking for someone who truly cares about your field and enjoys it. Genuine enthusiasm can't really be faked. Avoid people who are disinterested or only in it for the money.

When you're a small business owner, your employees should be your greatest asset. Make sure the people you're entrusting your business to have your company's best interests at heart. They ought to be as invested in its future as you are.

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