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3 Subtle Ways to Identify a Candidate's Personality During an Interview

You're looking to fill a position at your workplace and have all kinds of qualified candidates to consider. However, there's one trait that can't be determined until the interview: their personality. Anyone you consider should be friendly and reassert his or her potential, but there are ways you can better realize what someone's personality is like.

Using Personality Interview Questions

When choosing questions for your interviews, be sure to not forget personality ones. While business and personal lives should be kept separate, you can tell how candidates will conduct themselves in the workplace based on how they answer these questions. You can ask questions about what their thoughts on teamwork are and what they would do in certain situations. These hypothetical questions don't need to be work-related, but they should be applicable to professional environments. Avoid asking questions that delve too deeply into a candidate's private life or his or her past. This isn't about finding who's perfect; it's about finding who's best qualified for the job.


Their Questions to You

It's proper job interview protocol for candidates to ask questions at the end, but the kinds of questions they ask are important. There's a difference between me-centered questions and you-centered questions that can clue you into the type of personality your candidate has. When a candidate is focused on "me," it can seem like he or she is only interested in what your company can do for him or her. The best candidates are those who can contribute their talents and are eager to do so. A few "me" questions are okay, but they shouldn't be the norm. Another way to realize who has a generous spirit is seeing who sends thank you notes after the interview.

Discussing Past Employers

How a candidate speaks about past employers can tell you a lot. Even if they're not being particularly angry, a reluctance to provide details or using insulting language can serve as a warning. While not every experience will be positive, candidates should still understand the importance of being respectful. You want them to show that they have the best of intentions and want you to feel good about hiring them. Someone who is aggressive or negative is not someone you want for your company. 

If you're not looking out for these personality traits, then you can end up someone who's less than desirable. While they might have seemed like a good fit during the interview, it can turn out that they were actually just really good actors. These signs can help you to pinpoint whether or not you should hire a candidate.

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