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4 Wellness Challenges to Help Bolster Company Productivity

Healthier employees can translate to more productive employees. When people are sick, whether it's the common cold or something more serious like heart disease, their productivity flags. Illness not only means that workers can be distracted; it also means that they might have lost days of work. When people are healthier, they're more able to spend their energy on being better at their jobs. Creating competitions that are geared toward improving employee wellness is a great way to boost productivity.

Health and Productivity Go Hand-in-Hand

When people feel well, they're able to concentrate better and for longer periods of time. They're also able to stay more alert and finish work more quickly. If you're looking for challenges that can help your employees feel their best, there are many strategies that you can try.

Habit-Building Challenges

One type of challenge that you can implement is a habit-building challenge. Wellable recommends, “Healthy habits include drinking enough water throughout the day, taking the stairs, or getting appropriate amounts of sleep. Together, many small healthy habits like these make a big difference in individual health. Individually, these habits are not difficult to adopt. The challenge comes from doing them consistently over time and making them a natural part of an everyday routine. To avoid overwhelming participants, resist the urge to introduce too many new habits at once. Instead, slowly add and introduce new habits one-by-one.

For example, the first week of the challenge might be dedicated to drinking more water. Once employees are used to this, start introducing something new, such as eating a handful of nuts every day.” To decide what kind of challenge is most appropriate, look at your employees and the time of year. For instance, if it's the middle of winter and you live in Minnesota, try some sort of indoor activity. 

Walking Challenge

Have your employees use a smartwatch or another pedometer device. Some companies even give them as rewards for meeting goals. Have your employees track how many steps they take per day, and then you can have a prize or recognition for whoever walks the most. This is an especially great challenge for people who have otherwise sedentary jobs. A Step Ahead explains that, “many businesses have found success in turning activities and challenges like this into games. Some are quite literally games on your mobile device that can track your steps, but there’s also times where leaders would make everyone go out for a 15 minute walking break, or have them try to get certain things within a timeframe for increased engagement.” There are many ways to incorporate and incentivize walking challenges.

Weight Loss Challenge

These challenges can be tricky, but they can be done. If you're going to do a weight loss challenge, then make it optional so that people who don't need to lose weight don't feel pressured to participate. You could also have multiple challenges running at the same time.

Nutrition Challenge

If you want to do a nutrition challenge, then be aware that everyone's nutrition needs are different. However, you can have a challenge that simply asks people to record what they eat every day without making judgments on the exact portions. Whoever tracks every day for a month gets a prize. You can also offer potlucks that have all five food groups and encourage brown-bag lunches.

Wellness goals are somewhat of a personal thing, but you can encourage people to make healthier decisions through challenges. When your employees are healthier, both you and they will reap the rewards.

If you need help to increase employee engagement and employee motivation, check out our amazing workshops and programs. We know it’ll help you and your business be more productive and reach where you want to go.


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