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Leading with Love: Why Trust and Reciprocation Are the Core of Leadership Strategy

Leadership styles have changed over the years. The current style is leaning toward leaders becoming more of a compassionate team player with those that they lead in the workplace. Being able to utilize the strengths and developmental areas of each employee is key to putting together a successful working environment.

How to Recognize Positive Leadership

The best way to know if you are observing a positive leadership workplace is most evident in a relaxed working environment. You'll notice that people are freely communicating, have a positive attitude about their job, and appear eager to perform. Are there creative ideas and solutions to everyday challenges being enacted? Is the leader an active part of the workplace?


Life Happens

True leadership reflects the capacity of graciousness and flexibility when dealing with the human condition. Life continues outside the workplace, and a servant leader is compassionate to those needs. Illness, family crises, an accident or injury is all part of everyday situations that a leader can use to gain trust by their ability to work with the situation rather than to impose restrictions. If your team member's doctor advises them to scale back, accommodate that need as much as you can. You don’t have to hurt your business to do so, but being flexible in difficult situations is a great way to show your employees that they matter.

Building Trust in the Workplace

True leaders work with others throughout their organizations as partners. Leaders encourage conversations that can lead to mutually agreeable decisions. No one likes being bossed around. Real leadership has to be built on mutual trust earned by the consideration that a leader will weigh all factors of a situation before presenting their solution. A real leader will not put their private interest before the workplace. Their job is to see that the workplace is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible without discord or discontent.

The Power of Reciprocation

When a leader recognizes the inherent and trained skills of those under their guidance, it is time to engage those skills toward the good of the whole. The best way to have those assets within hand's reach is to reward the individual for their contribution. When those under a real leader know that they are not being taken for granted, it is amazing how much cooperation is readily available. 

We have all observed that a more positive approach to leadership produces better performance and more productive workplace. Emphasizing the needs of those contributing to the benefit of the whole will find that, in a crunch, the resources will be available when needed. Power does not use force to gain ground but encourages a sense of cooperation. A true leader stands with their group and is the last one to turn out the light at day's end.


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