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SEO: The Quick and Dirty of What You Need to Know

Search engines are the guides users utilize to navigate the web. They type in what they are looking for and the search engines deliver a list of potential destinations to explore. Getting your website on that list is key for getting visitors to check out your company. That is where search engine optimization (SEO) tactics become important. 

If you want to help your company rank high on search engine results, you need to learn a few key SEO tactics. 

Wise Use of Keywords

Keywords are what users type into search engines. Using those words on your website is key for gaining the attention of the search engines and users. Keywords are best used in titles, headings, URLs, image titles, and content. But, not too much. 

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

If you use too many keywords on a single page, you are guilty of keyword stuffing. That is a no-no in the world of SEO. Search engines will lower the rank of any web page that contains too many keywords. The best practice is to choose one main keyword for any web page and use it only a few times. 

Know What Dwell Time Is

Put simply, dwell time is the length of time a person spends on a particular web page before going back to the search engine results for another option. Ideally, you want the dwell rate to be as high as possible.


Understand What Your SEO Goals Are

Unless you know where you are going with your SEO tactics, you have no way of knowing if your work is paying off. What are your goals? Are you trying to build your brand, bring customers into the sales funnel, or directly selling products? Clear goals will ensure you are on track and on budget.

Use SEO Tactics in All Aspects of Your Marketing

SEO extends to more than just your static web pages. You need to use these SEO tactics when you post to social media sites or create new blog posts. Search engines will rank these items for keywords as well.

This guide is not meant to be comprehensive. It is a quick and dirty guide to getting you started with learning about SEO and how to use it in your company.


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