Hitting Our Stride:

Building Better Teams for Better Results

Teams are the pistons that drive organizations. The ultimate success or failure of your enterprise may hinge on how effectively your team members work together. When the engine hums in harmony, organizations achieve higher levels of service, quality, and performance. 

During this interactive one-day workshop, EduJay will challenge your teams to take a critical look at how they communicate, interact, and create value by working together. This event includes lecture, group discussions, reflection activities, and games.

As with all EduJay workshops, an initial discovery session can be conducted to ensure that workshop objectives align with the context of your organization. We take pride in tailoring our material to fit the learning needs of your audience. 


  • Understand the value of teamwork.
  • Develop team norms and standards of practice.
  • Identify team member style.
  • Discuss techniques for building trust.
  • Apply methods for moving through the stages of team development.
  • Recognize the role of communication in maintaining a highly-performing team.
  • Apply team building concepts through hands-on activities.

Additional Information

  • Pre-work: Attendees are asked to complete a brief Team Player Type assessment before the workshop.
  • Class Size: Recommended class size of 20-30 participants. Additional attendees beyond maximum capacity may be negotiated.
  • Instructional Time: 6 hours of instructional time, not including lunch and breaks.
  • Audience: Individual contributors, supervisors, managers, senior leaders.
  • Discounts are available for new clients, libraries, and library associations.
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