Can't We All Just Get Along?

Strategies for Resolving Conflict

Conflict resolution can be a thorny subject in the workplace. From dealing with difficult personalities to having different communication styles, conflict can arise whether you are working with internal or external customers. Successfully dealing with conflict stems from understanding our own behavior and how we influence others. By approaching conflict as a necessary conversation, and approaching the situation with a plan, we can engage in more meaningful dialog.

During this interactive workshop, attendees will learn how their attitudes and behaviors affect others, discover techniques for overcoming challenging behavior, and develop strategies for navigating difficult situations.

As with all EduJay workshops, an initial discovery session can be conducted to ensure that workshop objectives align with the context of your organization. We take pride in tailoring our material to fit the learning needs of your audience. 


  • Recognize how attitudes and actions impact others.
  • Apply techniques for managing and dealing with anger.
  • Developing strategies for navigating difficult situations.

Additional Information

  • Pre-work: Attendees should come prepared with a scenario in mind where they have had conflict with another person that needed to be addressed.
  • Class Size: Recommended class size of 20-30 participants. Additional attendees beyond maximum capacity may be negotiated.
  • Instructional Time: Recommended 4 hours of instructional time, not including lunch and breaks. 
  • Audience: Individual contributors, supervisors, managers, senior leaders.
  • Discounts are available for new clients, libraries, and library associations.
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