Unleashing Employee Engagement Through Motivation

Across industries, senior leaders recognize the need for a highly engaged workforce to survive in our rapid cycle economy. However, most leaders believe that their work forces are not at this level of engagement. When employees are engaged, organizations have higher customer ratings, productivity, and profitability, yet a disengaged work force can have dire consequences. Fortunately, research shows that tapping into individual motivation can support engagement with work.

During this thought-provoking half-day session, EduJay reviews key findings in employee engagement research, discusses the evolution of motivation in the workplace, challenges conventional thinking around rewards, and helps leaders action plan for unleashing motivation and engagement in the workplace.

 As with all EduJay workshops, an initial discovery session can be conducted to ensure that workshop objectives align with the context of your organization. We take pride in tailoring our material to fit the learning needs of your audience. If your organization utilizes an employee engagement survey, your findings can be reinforced in the presentation.


  • Review current research on employee engagement.
  • Discuss the link between individual motivation and workforce engagement.
  • Recognize situations where rewards are and are not suitable on the job.
  • Develop an action plan for supporting employee engagement and motivation.

Additional Information

  • Pre-work: Attendees are asked to watch a short video on motivation and take a motivation assessment survey.
  • Class Size: Recommended class size of 12-30 participants. Additional attendees beyond maximum capacity may be negotiated.
  • Instructional time: 3.5 hours of instructional time, not including breaks.
  • Suggested Audience: Supervisors, managers, senior leaders.
  • Discounts are available for new clients, libraries, and library associations.
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