Learning wants to be free and EduJay is making it happen.

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Check Out What's Inside the Catalog

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Learn foundational job skills and reinforce positive  behaviors with Workplace Essentials.

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Take your work life to new heights with this bundle of Career Development courses.

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Leverage this set of courses to grow as a leader and people manager.

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Stay in compliance while best developing your talent with our Human Resources courses.

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Make your business even more amazing with the Small Business course bundle.
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Jimmie V.

Want to bring Success Studio to your entire organization?

Supplement your existing training programs or launch e-learning within your organization completely free, courtesy of EduJay.

Simply complete the group registration form below on behalf of your employees, email it to info@edujay.com, and they will be receive complimentary access to Success Studio.

Randall W.

"My small non-profit has needed a formal training program for years, but it's never been in our budget. With Success Studio, EduJay has made my dream come true and it didn't cost a cent. Simply amazing!" 

Jermaine L.

"I have a relatively new small business. There's so much I learned about marketing. I was also able to provide basic training to my five employees at no cost. Thank you, EduJay!"

Lifelong learning, freed.

Why give away access to a cutting-edge, mobile-friendly learning management system with a catalog that will grow each month? Simply because everyone deserves an opportunity to excel, even if they cannot afford to attend personal or professional development workshops. Let's be awesome together!

~ Jay Turner | Founder and Success Coach | EduJay LLC

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