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How to Assess a Candidate's Attitude During the Hiring Process

The employees that you hire for your business will determine the quality and strength of your team. When it comes to interviewing candidates, you'll need to assess their attitude to determine if they'll be a good fit. Here are a few tips to follow to get a good feel for their character.

Pre-Employment Assessments

When you want to narrow down your options when hiring the right person for a specific position, consider performing pre-employment assessments. Many assessments are designed to measure aptitude, emotions, and work personality. It will work as a way to get a better idea about the individual's personality and if he or she will be able to handle challenges or difficult situations well. Aberdeen further explains, “pre-hire screenings provide HR professionals with objective data about candidates’ skills, personalities, cognitive abilities and workplace values. Because they don’t rely on human judgments, they’re also not susceptible to human errors. Also, pre-hire assessments cut down on hiring time and lower the costs of hiring.” You can require the assessments to be completed by the candidate before deciding if you want to interview the individual.

Attitude is Everything

Although someone may have the right qualifications for the position that he or she is interviewing for, it doesn't necessarily mean that he or she will be an employee who you can trust if he or she has a poor attitude. Attitude is everything and can cause a person to be challenging to work with on your team. It's important to find someone who's teachable and willing to learn and grow professionally to ensure that he or she can meet the company's needs and fulfill his or her duties. You should also review the individual's previous positions and what skills were required for each job. The Hire Talent describes, “employees with strong people and communication skills and critical thinking abilities are naturally more effective on the job.”

Use Your Team

Consider using your team to help in the recruitment process instead of only relying on your own judgment. Workopolis recommends, “when the candidate comes in for an interview, introduce him or her to the main team members that he or she would be working with to ensure other people can ask questions or get to know the person. You can ask your team members their opinions afterward to determine if they have any reservations or input to share.” You can even bring an extra employee or two into the interview to ask specific questions. Having multiple perspectives (especially from those that have different backgrounds than you), can ensure you will find a well rounded and productive new employee.


Knowing how to assess the attitude of candidates can save you time and money by hiring the right person. With the right tools and techniques used, you can have peace of mind knowing you're taking on someone who will contribute to the success of the company.

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