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Looking to advance in your career? Need help solving a business problem? Wondering how to overcome a challenge?

Success Coaching

Regardless of how amazing you are, there will come a point in your life or career where you are looking to take the proverbial next step, solve a particularly gnarly problem, or overcome a Goliath of a challenge. Success coaching with EduJay produces results for people across the experience spectrum – from those just beginning in the workforce, to mid-career professionals, to emerging top talent, all the way to senior leaders. I have a track record of helping clients clarify goals, achieve development objectives, and unlock their potential.

If you are looking for someone to give you advice or solve your problems, you can stop reading now. However, if you are willing to engage in a meaningful process of assessment, open dialog, and having your assumptions challenged to heighten your self-awareness, crystalize plans of actions, and have an accountability partner by your side as you execute, then you have come to the right place.  

Invest in Your Success

According to a study by The Conference Board Council, rates for executive coaching typically range from $200-$500 per hour, with a median rate of $425 per hour for those at the C-Suite level. Coaching services two to five levels down from the C-Suite range from $200-$400 per hour. EduJay believes that cost should not be a barrier to anyone seeking to grow into their best self, and as such, I offer competitive coaching rates with flexible payment options.

Coaching engagements typically last from 6-18 months but vary depending on the specific needs of the client. I do not normally offer coaching in increments less than 6 months because, in my experience, lasting and impactful results are not achieved with shorter coaching durations.

Drive Your Future

EduJay coaching engagements follow the DRIVE process. Initial conversations focus on discovering your needs. It is not unusual for a client to seek  executive coaching with needs they bring to the table; however after further conversation, the original stated needs evolve, more needs surface, or there is the realization that executive coaching is not the best solution. I host a free discovery session to help clients determine if executive coaching, or I as a coach, is the right fit for their situation.  

After discovery, we move into road mapping. This stage entails helping you gain clarity on goals. After goals have been identified, we map high-level objectives and define measurable outcomes. This becomes the your personal action plan .

Integration brings the action plan to life. Here you begin to purposefully work toward goal attainment. Coaching conversations focus on progress against plan and resolving obstacles that may emerge along the way. Along with scheduled coaching conversations, clients typically take advantage of telephone, email, or text performance support during this time. 

Regardless of the duration of the coaching engagement, as partners, we work together  to continually validate goals, objectives, and outcomes to ensure their ongoing fit with your needs,  which may shift during the engagement. 

While many coaches evaluate the process at rigid intervals along their timeline with a client, I believe in "always on" evaluation so that the you and I can have a fluid, open, and effective relationship. 

Out of This World Feedback for EduJay

My first coaching conversation was unplanned. I was a junior librarian getting ready to take over the Training Department at a large public library system. Jay sensed the apprehension in my voice as I wrestled with the weight of each new responsibility; but he told me he sensed something even stronger, potential. I didn’t see it that day, but I’m so lucky Jay did. I count myself even luckier to have continued to work with him throughout my career. His guidance continually challenges me to tap into the potential he saw that day - and it has taken me to professional heights that an anxious, fresh-faced librarian would not believe.

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