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How to Make a Company Event People Will Actually Look Forward To

Organizing a company event doesn't have to be a painful process for you. Attending a company event doesn't have to be unpleasant for your guests, either. If you want to plan a memorable and enriching company event, there are all sorts of strategies and activities you can try.

Don't Make it Feel Like a Meeting

The last thing you want to do is create an overly-formal atmosphere that reminds people that they are attending a "company" event. You should establish a vibe is simultaneously productive, yet enjoyable, and laid-back. As the host, be personable. Ask people to talk about their day. Give them time to talk with each other. Make sure the lighting in the event space is bright and cheerful as well. If you notice attendees interacting in an overly serious manner, smile at them and try to set them at ease. Remind them that working together is supposed to be a positive experience.

Grab Some Unique Events

Go for one-of-a-kind events that can make your meeting feel fresh and exciting. Steer clear of the same tired strategies. You may want to try board games that convey certain points or key messages that are aligned with the goals of your gathering. Try serving a variety of refreshments as well – you would be surprised how effective something as simple as soda or snacks can be in making any company event feel more pleasant and revitalizing. Experiment and try new things -- whether they involve employee Q&A sessions, film viewings, or group discussions using non-traditional facilitation techniques. Another unique idea is having an outdoor movie night once in a while. An outdoor movie screen rental and projector will cost between 300-400 dollars, but could be a fun way for the company to relax.

Play Music

Another lighthearted idea is to infuse your meeting with a bit of ambiance. If you want to encourage all of your event guests to take it easy, it can help to play some light background music. Don't play anything that's overly aggressive or loud that may interfere with the aims of your event. Play with styles that can help people feel at ease. Jazz and classical music can both do the trick. Entertainment can help people forget that they're at work and inspire their creativity.

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