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Thinking of Automating Your Customer Service? Read This First

In order to make sure your business keeps up with the fast-paced world of technology, you have to be on the lookout for technological solutions that not only increase your revenue but complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. This is why many companies have turned to automated customer service solutions. There are many advantages to this technology. For starters, it decreases call times, eliminates human error, and you don't need to hire more employees. However, this tool also comes with a number of disadvantages, especially if you don't properly plan it out. A few of the most significant problems that can arise from automated customer service systems are detailed below.

It Can Be Costly

While an automated system may save money in the long run, setting up an automated system is very expensive. In addition to installation expense, business owners also have to pay for coordinating a training process for employees, to ensure they efficiently manage the machine. On top of this, there is usually the cost of routine maintenance charges once the automated equipment is up and running. Furthermore, it is hard to get systems or set up that perfectly do customer service options. It can also be abused if not set up right. Automated machines, as well as Chatbots, respond to basic customer issues, including purchases, billing, types of products, and more. Even so, at times, the problems go way over and above simple questions and they necessitate a human representative who can understand, moderate, and identify a resolution.

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It Can Increase Call Abandon Rate

Call abandon rate is a major problem with many automated service systems. Asking a customer to complete tasks themselves via an automated machine can be a turn-off since not everyone is technologically adept in maneuvering through these systems. The ideal abandon rate is less than 5% of calls. A poorly implemented system will cause a much higher percentage than this. 

As with most technological solutions, an ideal customer service system relies primarily on the configuration. If your machines or chatbots don't comprehend questions, and/or your customer has to keep repeating their problem over and over to the different phone or chat menu levels, this redundancy will drive your customers away. Consequently, once they hang up or leave your website exasperated, this can hurt your company's reputation.

Resource: https://roicallcentersolutions.com/customerservice/abandon-rate-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them/

There Is a Lack of Human Connection

One of the most vital components of customer service is always empathy, which is purely a human trait. You cannot receive this from a machine and you'd better believe that your customers can also sense this lack of connection when everything is computerized. Even with a state-of-the-art chatbot solution and artificial intelligence (AI) available, the service experience may still feel impersonal. While AI is growing fast, it is still quite primitive in many ways. This technology may be able to easily address simple questions; however, it is not currently capable of handling complex issues. In today's world, the ideal approach to automating customer service is by merging the resources and technology currently available with skilled and expert human support specialists. This way, you are offering the best of both options to your customer. It is important to remember that human customer service professionals are investments that need to be valued. The additional time and money can be committed in extra training so that they can be a vital backup option.

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Even today's tech-savvy and plugged-in millennials will respond positively to a human connection, no matter how well they may navigate these types of automated systems. When all is said and done, everyone attaches a good customer service experience to the understanding of its human counterparts.

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