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These are just a few signature keynotes offered by EduJay's founder, Jay Turner. Jay is a popular speaker who has captivated audiences across the country with his knowledge, charisma, and folksy presentation style. Whether he is speaking in front of 100 donors at a university's alumni tea party or 1,000 library staff members at their annual in-service day, Jay inspires his audiences to think bigger and do better. 

Learn more faster with fun, interactive, competency-based classes.

EduJay provides an array of in-person workshops that build skills and transform behaviors so that staff members produce better business results. We offer turnkey solutions, as well as content that can be tailored to your organization's unique needs. From topical needs like communication and customer service to strategic concerns such as balanced score card and project management, we have you covered at a budget-friendly price point.



Gain exposure to novel concepts or reinforce key competencies on the go.

Webinars by EduJay are an excellent choice for upskilling your busy staff on a budget. Many of our skill building workshops can be adapted to webinar format, or even modified to be delivered as an interactive online class. We also present on a variety of hot and emerging topics in organization development. EduJay provides the material and platform -- all you have to provide are eager learners. Webinars typically last 60-90 minutes, while an interactive online class runs 2-2.5 hours.  

Looking to advance in your career? Need help solving a business problem? Wondering how to overcome a challenge?

EduJay excels at supporting personal and professional development for groups and individuals alike. We follow a methodology that focuses solely on the needs of our client. Instead of offering prescriptive advice, we engage in meaningful dialog that empowers you to crystalize obstacles, identify aspirational solutions, and construct a realistic action plan to reach the goal. You own the process, we are your accountability partner, and together, we achieve results. Try this service for free to see if it is the right fit.


Featured Clients

Keynote Address

The South Carolina Library Association honors its alumni with a tea during their annual conference. The association needed a lighthearted opener focusing on how libraries can leverage community partnerships to enhance service. EduJay delivered in fine fashion with an informative, yet raucous lightening talk on how to speed date potential library partners through short-term projects and partnerships.

Keynote Address

Chicago Public Library needed an opening address for their All Staff Institute for 900+ employees. EduJay responded with an edgy, educational, and fun keynote on how to look for inspiration in the world around you to innovate in the workplace.

Keynote Address

The Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute had two classes of participants that successfully completed their intensive leadership development program. To celebrate the participants' success, the institute's organizers sought out an inspiring speaker to deliver their keynote. They chose EduJay to do the honors.

Keynote Address

Presenting one of several conference keynotes, EduJay delivered an honest and enlightening conversation with an auditorium full of members of the Wisconsin Library Association to discuss methods for aligning individual goals and learning trajectories with the goals of the organization to shift the library into a community game changer.

Keynote Address

As a part of the ILEAD USA initiative, the Illinois State Library selects cadres of innovative librarians to explore, apply, and discover in an immersive continuing education program. At the end of the program, participants convene for a multi-day event as they matriculate out of the program. EduJay contributed a moving keynote telling the story of how one person can make a world of difference.


The Auburn (AL) Public Library hosted an All Staff Institute with an emphasis on enhancing their customer experience. EduJay delivered an informative opening address and enhanced the day with a fun, interactive team building workshop.


At an annual meeting for Pennsylvania's library directors, EduJay facilitated day-long workshop on navigating change, with a particular focus on how libraries can thrive in today's era of permanent whitewater.


Presenting at an online conference hosted by WebJunction, EduJay took attendees on a no-holds-barred road trip through the latest findings in neurological research and brain-based learning theory. Learners explored how memories are formed, why we forget, and practical solutions to help employee training stick in the age of information overload.


During this webinar, EduJay shared insights about how taking charge of your professional development can open doors for you and your library. Participants were provided practical tips on creating and implementing an individual development plan, guidance on leveraging the 70/20/10 model of learning, and resources for creating e-portfolios to showcase workplace learning.


EduJay has a need for speed and a drive for results. Our passion is improving people, processes, and programs. We proudly partner with non-profit organizations, government agencies, small businesses, and individuals to achieve their aspirations by changing behaviors.


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