Why is it Important to Show Employees They Are Valued?

Effectively running an organization includes the vital role of supporting your employees. There are many reasons that employees find job satisfaction. Many people have an intrinsic desire to help their company, cause or organization to thrive. They also might enjoy the salary, status, and perks of their position or that their workplace environment is conducive to personal growth. However, one of the most significant factors that people appreciate, and the one that you can control as a manager, is feeling valued for a job well done.

Improve Retention

Workers who are respected and valued are more likely to stay in their positions. Workplace dissatisfaction leads to high turnover, which costs money and time in finding replacement talent. According to Impraise, implementing creative ways to encourage employees could be the answer to achieving maximized employee performance, creating a great team environment and helping your organization to thrive.

Improve Performance

Your employees work hard, and it is this effort that drives the success of the organization. According to Briostack, companies that spend 1–2 percent of their payroll on employee recognition tend to outperform those that don't. It is essential to acknowledge the part that your employees and coworkers play in the company's success. Be sure that their efforts are recognized and celebrated and that they're rewarded for excellent work. There are many ways that you can demonstrate that you value your people. These things include inquiring after employees' health and well-being, implementing an employee of the month program and providing mentoring. You could also give out gift cards. Acknowledging and thanking someone for a job well done, keeping detailed notes for work evaluations and celebrating employees' successes and strengths all help people feel valued. Hosting office parties to support a pleasant work environment is another way to foster team spirit.

Build a Thriving Team

Managers are often advised to care for customers, clients, and upper echelon management. However, to run an organization effectively, valuing, encouraging and respecting your employees should be at the top of your priorities and daily to-do list, according to Reliable Plant. Validation and positive reinforcement ensure that the workplace runs smoothly. People should know that their work contributes to the organization. Employees who feel valued are more likely to bring their best attitudes, talents, and abilities to the workplace each day.


Demonstrating that you value your employees is a wonderful way to nurture and inspire people. Take time to note and honor employees' successes and strengths on the job and in their personal lives. People are encouraged to perform well when their work is appreciated and respected.


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